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Special SMILE furi instructions + Flyer set *one set only* [09 Feb 2007|03:12am]
(This is mainly advertised to my smileXsmile community:http://community.livejournal.com/smilexsmile/profile)

The following shows drawing by Kasumi, teaching the furi (hand actions) for the live.It's distributed during live, around A3 size. I'm also putting in a SMILE flyer.One set only.

Price: US5 (including shipping)

Payment method: Cash via mail (preferred) or Paypal with surcharge

Please drop a comment with your email and I will mail you! ^-^
(Drop a comment if you want to purchase Smile's flyers too!)
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Smile Polaroids for sale [09 Feb 2007|02:54am]
Hello everyone ☆
I've bought extra Smile "cheki"/small polaroids and selling them to Smile fans since they are only available during live.
(This is mainly advertised to my smileXsmile community:http://community.livejournal.com/smilexsmile/profile)



US8 each including shipping. If you add US$2 more, I will include a smile flyer (half folded) ^^;
Bidding welcome.

Payment method:
Cash via mail(preferred) or Paypal with surcharge

Please drop a comment to this post with your email and I will mail you!
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Happy Belated Christmas and New Year! [08 Jan 2007|04:57pm]
Hello everyone! I had been really busy and stuff that I couldn't update nor check my mails regularly (e_e) In any case you need to contact me really urgently please drop a comment in my main journal! (^^;)

Meanwhile, I had came up with some new year special items to sell.But I need time to take photographs and post the entry.I'll start off with dollis marry/sherow artist society items.

These are polaroids that are sold during live only. I'm selling them at original price for fans who really want such items that are hard to get out of japan ^^;

a) Ruri from Lusia
b) Ruri from Lusia
c) ex.member of Metis Gretel
d) Rinka from Dollis Marry

●Each polaroid are at US5.
●Shipping is estimated to be US2.
●Payment method: Paypal (with surcharge) or cash via registered mail.

Please leave a comment and I will email you! (^-^)/

[x]Upcoming items[x]
-Like Absolute Myself single+flyer set
-Premium flyer sets which include bands like Alice nine, Ancafe, Duel Jewel, Bergerac, the Pumpkin Head, Billy, D, OZ, Mello,Sadie,LiZ,Nightmare,etc
-Gazette guitar picks (Uruha,Reita,Kai)
-Gab magazine with Duel Jewel on cover
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survey for ancafe and vidoll items [02 Dec 2006|03:52pm]
I wish to find out how many would be interested to buy the following items?

1. Ancafe shoxx tshirt.(Pic)
Price: around US30 without shipping.
Size/Color: S or M, comes in red,white or black (If it's sold out I can't help it ^^;)

2. Vidoll "Jyuunen go kyou kokode" live only single (Pic)
I've posted about this before in my previous entries.Now that I'm able to buy it again, those who still want I'll be able to help ^^ However if it's sold out again I can't help it too ^^;;

Leave a comment here! And/or email me at doriimusu_vk@yahoo.co.jp (^-^)
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new updates ☆ [02 Dec 2006|03:47pm]
Sorry to those who have received their items late.I think I should have contacted and sent most of the items by now ☆

I'll be updating with new flyers (Latest ancafe flyer yay!)
A simple list of items I need to sell:

-Gazette pick keychain (kai's with autograph)
-Ancafe sticker
-New flyers (Ancafe, smile, cellt,guys family,dolly,etc)
-guys family photoset (?)
-maybe ancafe and vidoll posters (but posters are hard to estimate shipping orz)
-sid postcards
-ayabie live-distributed dvd (?)

Some of the old flyers are still available please check them ne ↓
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Vidoll new release for sale! [26 Nov 2006|12:45am]
Just a fast post here first..might post pictures later.
I need to find people to buy the following two items desparately if not I'll become very broke

1. Vidoll's latest full album "Very Important Doll V.I.D" Type A (CD+DVD)

Information: I am selling it at US42 + US6 shipping.Brand new unopened.

2. Vidoll's CURE DVD.

Information: Selling at US31 + US6 shipping. Brand new unopened.

I'm not making profit from it so they are of original price as the stores.I will put in some undercode or vidoll flyers (^^)
I will advertise also in vidoll community,etc.Please help!

All payment via paypal.
Please email me at doriimusu_vk@yahoo.co.jp
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Ancafe Vinyl Bag [23 Nov 2006|12:46am]

(Click to enlarge picture)

Ancafe vinyl bag for sale!
Price: US10 including shipping!
Payment method: Paypal or Cash

Please email me at doriimusu_vk@yahoo.co.jp
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Individual flyer sale nov#5 [22 Nov 2006|07:38pm]
Bands: 176biz, Kannivalism, Jinkaku Radio, Heart
pictures, information under cutCollapse )
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Individual Flyers sale Nov#4 [22 Nov 2006|07:33pm]
Bands: Rentrer en Soi, Hime ichigo, Kisaki Project, Nightmare,Luvie,Kurara zero shiki, Dollis
pictures,information under cutCollapse )

Individual Flyer sale Nov #3 [22 Nov 2006|07:27pm]
Bands: Sulphuric Acid, Realice, Kinarura,Siva,Love Can,Maruru,Rizell,Rhyme,Love can,Replia,Plum,Babylon

picture and information undercutCollapse )

Individual flyer sale Nov #2 [22 Nov 2006|07:20pm]
Bands:Replia, Teddy, Babydoll, Sharurotto (Charlotte)
picture and information undercutCollapse )
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Individual flyer sale Nov #1 [22 Nov 2006|07:18pm]
Bands: Viored, Despairs Ray, Kra
picture and information undercutCollapse )
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Bundled Set Flyers for sale ! [22 Nov 2006|06:44pm]
Undercode Production Special set, Visual kei bundleCollapse )
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Please keep spreading my journal XD [06 Nov 2006|11:39pm]
Yay I'm still alive.
I've been busy but still clearing mails and sending mails whenever I could ^^

Here's the next live schedule:

11月14日(火) OPEN 16:45/START 17:30
場所:Shibuya O-EAST
出演アーティスト:アンティック-珈琲店- (ancafe) / Guest;アリス九號.(Alice nine) / Duel Jewel / lynch. / ジュリィー (jully)/ 彩冷える (ayabie)

send your mails to doriimusu_vk@yahoo.co.jp for enquiries!
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my next live [30 Oct 2006|02:46am]
I had been too busy to post...I think it's too late but I'll still write it anyway X_X

the next live I'm going is the Halloween event at Club Citta by Kisaki and Kamijo.
Bands that are performing are

Rentrer en Soi
Dollis marry
Phantasmagoria session band
Candy Spooky Theatre

etc...(I can't recall and not really bothered to check X_X)

If you want me to get anything during the live, you can paypal me the money.
Sorry for such short notice (;_;)
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updating new flyer sales [25 Oct 2006|09:31pm]
Will be updating new bundle flyer sale soon and also new individual flyers for sale for bands like babylon, maruru, replia, luvie, mellow,realice, siva..still looking for the new ancafe flyer XD

Some older flyers still available, please look at entries below ↓

Please check back (^-^)
Thank you~ ☆
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Gazette tshirt for sale! [25 Oct 2006|09:11pm]
Gazette tshirt for sale! 80% new (worn by previous owner)

Click to enlarge.
Other pictures:

Measurements: 45cm across chest, 65cm from neck down. (Maybe a size M)

Selling price: US35
Shipping: US10

Paying method: Paypal with 10% surcharge.
Bidding welcome.
Please leave a message here and email me at doriimusu_vk@yahoo.co.jp
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Revision on shipping price [16 Oct 2006|11:05pm]
I sent some flyers just now and realised they were more than what I had estimated in the posts (X_X) So for my next flyer sales, I'll be adjusting the flyer shipping price or if you are buying more than 1 flyer, I can't charge only US2 for shipping...so sorry about it if you think the shipping's too high (T_T)

I will also continue posting my scheduled lives I'm attending so if anyone wants to buy any live goods, just inform me and pay me by then (^_^)v

If anyone wants to get any "live only" distributed cd from a certain live, I can go get for you if you pay for the live ticket (if I'm free that day) (≧∀≦)
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Live goods [11 Oct 2006|08:02pm]
I got pretty much confused who wants the dollis marry uchiwa or not XD
Also if you wish to purchase any dorimari photoset, cd or graceful playboy tshirts...

So those who wants and will be paying me, please email me!! doriimusu_vk@yahoo.co.jp or the previous gmail is ok.
(See this entry: http://doriimusu.livejournal.com/10310.html)

Other bands in that live I'm going are:
Guy's Family (Kaito ex.Shulla, Kazutake ex Mask, Shinobu ex.Vanilla,etc new band!)

It you want any photosets from these bands (I'm not too sure if all the bands will sell though)
Please email me too and best possible, pay me by 17th Oct 2006. (Via paypal or sending cash to me)
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special visual kei flyer bundle set - 1 set only (Sold) [11 Oct 2006|07:16pm]
34 visual kei flyers in a set (One set only!) from bands such as:

Sugar, Radio Taisou, Pawn, Metis Gretel, D, Jils, exist trace, maruru, 456, Sharurotto, Himeichigo, Gokusai Flim, Death Rabbits, Replia, Bergerac, Pumpkin Head, Clorcian, Karakuri, Renny Amy, Daigo Stardust, Phantasmagoria, Blood 0, Billy, Madara, Dali, Dollis Marry, Lilac Berry, Duralumin, etc.

picture and information under cutCollapse )
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